Baby Boomers, the fact is, Millennials are your evolution.

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We have less sex because we saw our world’s growth problem.

We saw our Dads only in the evening so we make sure to have a work life balance.

We saw our parents have only traveled to Texas and Florida so we try to travel around the world for them.

We have lived sprawled out until we were 18 and now prefer to condense our little lives into flats and shared housing.

We saw our parents grey at 35 so we like to step away from our present day responsibilities, even just for a moment, to re-kindle our youth with Pokemon Go.

We saw our supervisors argue on the phone, so we email and text work requirements instead.

We saw currencies fluctuate, our parent’s retirement depleting, and that’s why we spend ours. Our new currency is experience.

We saw our parent’s long days at one job. Now we have two. One part-time and the other creating.

We saw our parents in black collared suits that seem hot and stiff so now we wear white tee-shirts.

We see our parent’s world dirty so together we have sought to organize, sort and tag because it’s the start of cleaning up. We do this through the internet.

We heard our parents say, “remember when”. Now we capture every moment.

We saw our parents fooled by ads. Now we create our own through Snapping.

We saw our parent’s weight, heart attacks and diabetes so today we petition for food not so fast.

We saw our world getting hotter so now we spend our time redesigning our parent’s products to be environmentally conscious.