We Boycott Y Combinator and 500 Startups
Alex Palmer

This is really a very poorly thought-out article. I am baffled at why it showed up on the front page of my Medium feed. First off, the article you link to on Pando flatly rejects that Braintree, being an advertiser, might influence what Pando publishes directly or indirectly. That is incredible. History is rife with examples to the contrary. I have no idea if that’s what Pando was doing, and neither did Altman, so the accusation shouldn’t have been leveled by him. But to claim this: “But even if Braintree (or any other company) were our only advertiser, Altman’s claim that a relationship with an advertiser affected our editorial coverage of Stripe (or any other company) would still be entirely without merit.” Wow. That’s simply not true from any outsider’s perspective.

“It is unequivocally wrong to insinuate possession of insider information.” Unless there is good evidence to suggest so. Altman appears not to have that evidence, but that does mean every insinuation is wrong.

“It is a tool oppressors use, and I interpret that as an attempt to silence Pando and/or Sarah Lacy.” It’s a tool used by many, for many different reasons. Good god, the lack of logic here. And then attempt to silence? It sounds like an attempt to justify an embarrassing lack of evidence on Altman’s part. But your interpretation is just as good as mine if we don’t actually know what Altman was up to. Your interpretation is not necessarily a reflection of reality, bro.

“If I interpret that in such a way, that by default means that others do, have, and will interpret it in a similar way.” Right now I am interpreting my coffee cup to be a eurypterid. I guess that means others have as well. But probably not. Again, the lack of logic is baffling.

Please, in the future, think through the logic of what you are saying. I don’t relish having to read through something that is rife with inconsistencies. You don’t do women any favors by publishing a half-baked rant about an issue that might not really have its roots in misogyny, that is often grossly illogical.

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