Storytelling: Buzzword or Driving Factor in Media and Content Marketing?

The word “storytelling” has become a buzzword in media and content marketing. I think storytelling counts as anything that consists as communicating or conveying of events, true or fictional. Although the term is used often, I do not feel like it is overused. What makes the term controversial in the realm of content marketing is that the question that arises about the difference between story telling and good stories. According to in an article titled, “Why Storytelling Will Be the Biggest Business Skill of the Next 5 Years,” good stories “surprise us” in the terms of what we are thinking and feeling. According to in an article titled, “Once Upon a Time: Is Storytelling Just Another Buzzword?”, Porter Novelli states “…stories are the ultimate vehicle to change not only people’s convictions but also their behavior.” I agree with both statements made because although everyone’s definition of a good story could be different, I feel as though the articles do a great job at describing what most would define as a good story. My position on this matter also aligns with the title of the blog.hubspot article. I do think storytelling will continue to grow and potentially become the biggest business skill. Storytelling, like I said earlier, weather true or not, is used to make people think and feel, which is also the key to selling an idea or a product. This idea is what drives consumerism and so I believe that this “buzzword” is here to stay.