Into the Minds of Millennials

Millennials get a lot of heat from the older generations because we are thought as being self-centered and entitled. In a way, they are not wrong; but, if you think about it, it is their generation that set up the world for us the way it is today and we are just moving into their place. With our different outlook on life guided by social media we can look at things from a whole new view.

Storytelling has been around since humans appeared on this earth. From drawing on rock caves to writing in books and to the more modern way with writing articles and post on the internet. The key to storytelling is to keep your audience intrigued and interested. Millennials today have different storytelling expectations than previous generations because our interest have change throughout the years. My grandparents would have been very pleased to sit in front of their parents and listen to a story where today I feel as if millennials need more interaction than that. It can be anything from some sort of visual aid. Along with that millennials like to relate to a story and if it doesn’t relate to us in a direct way we lose interest very quickly.

According to a study done by Pew Research Center about 79% of adults use Facebook and this is where a lot of millennials get their stories from. Everyone is constantly competing to get the attention of the mindless individuals scrolling through their feed but the ones that personally catch my eye are usually the heart-warming ones. That can be anything from looking at puppies to someone accomplishing something that people said was impossible or a little girl singing Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid. A recent post that caught my eye and I watched all the way through was a post about Dr. Evan Antin who is a very attractive Vet that mostly deals with exotic animals. The post uses the storytelling principle of using facts and pictures to make a post that is mostly appealing to young women

Everyone likes different things for different reasons and I believe this is because of our personality and demographic/generation. Not just one or the other. If I saw a post that effect something personally I would be more likely to sit and read/watch it but if someone else who hasn’t experienced the same things I have, might not spend their time reading or watching something that doesn’t involve them or something in their lives. Today companies are already doing a good job about targeting their audience but it is a completive world out there, especially for new companies. I believe word of mouth is one of the strongest and underrated way companies can get their point across.

Pew Research Center study link:

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