“The Hard Way” Super Bowl Ad

The Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Born The Hard Way” starts off with a scene of a man who is on a boat being asked “why he is here” and with that he responds “to prove something.” After we find out that he is on a ship to America. He is getting yelled at to go back home and it shows a series of scenes of the hardships he had to endure before arriving at St. Louis. At the end we find out that he is there to create a beer, Budweiser.

The ad’s target audience is for beer drinkers and it has a mysterious tone. You don’t know it is a Budweiser ad until the very end where he reveals that he has sketched out a bottle of Budweiser. The ad is somewhat in a story line. There are a lot of scenes and you do move along a time line but there is really no climax and just goes straight to the resolution.

Narrative structure relates to the success of Super Bowl ads because it makes you emotionally involved in what you are watching and makes you remember it more. This ad does have that because you want to find out with the man in the commercial succeeds in what he wants to do in America. This ad compared to the other Super Bowl ads is a little more serious. I feel as if a lot of Super Bowl ads go more for the humor side of things.