I don’t for one second want to continue with the debacle and endless tit for tat that has ensued since the UK decided to leave the European Union.

More vent and outlet my frustrations on a blog site rather than bore my family and work colleagues with endless ramblings at the way this vote has caused people to act. Who knows, some of you might even agree.

I’ve seen friends publicly fall out over this vote and sure, this is a big thing, in fact it’s a huge thing but what ever happened to respecting opinions, what happened to trusting our country and government, what happened to believing in democracy, which after all, we voted for. Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means any sort of political expert, far from it but neither are 95% of the British Population which makes all these outrageous comments and slanderous reactions ridiculous. Leavers called racist and stupid, remainers labelled as scared soft touches and afraid of change.

Governments and new party leaders can affect this country as much as this vote has but yet, there isn’t this farcical reaction at general or local elections. I guess, perhaps I just don’t get the uproar, perhaps I don’t get why people don’t agree with democracy now when they’ve been fine with it previously. Why wasn’t a campaign started prior to this about removing democracy if people felt this way, surely it was inevitable that something eventually, was going to go against the status quo.

The British public knew about this vote for nearly two years when former PM David Cameron announced the UK was going to vote on whether to stay or leave the EU. Where was the revolt and uproar then, there was a chance to perhaps change things and make a difference in advance, now it’s too late. Oh, how hindsight is a wonderful thing. Were we really that arrogant and naive that we thought Britain would never really do it, that we wouldn’t vote for change. Then, I’m afraid it’s a lack of research, planning and quite frankly a basic insight into history, which wasn’t far off predicting something like this happening. It won’t be long before it happens again either, in fact it’s already begun. If you just glance across those deep merky waters of the Atlantic, you can almost just about make out the grin of a certain Donald Trump, lean in and cup your ear to the sea, you can just about hear his unsettlingly confident cackle too.

Either way, I’m starting to skirt round the issue here of why I began. I guess my frustrations lie with the way of the human rather than the trigger point of the elections. We’re a funny bunch, us humans, stare straight down the barrel, not worry about a thing but when that gunshot goes off…Queue the panic, rage, uncertainty and never ending finger pointing. Then again, that is the way of the human, the race I’ve grown to love so much.

In conclusion of my post, I would think if anybody, at all, reads my first blog entry then you would have started to gain some assumptions about which way I voted in the elections. Well, for the record, I’m a remainer.