1.13/1.14 Examples

  1. wore a goatee
  2. throughout the nation
  3. was identified
  4. appeared ill
  5. a body found
  6. in Los Angeles
  7. cost ten dollars
  8. broke a rule
  9. for May
  10. for a short time
  11. a pioneer
  12. the incumbent
  13. will close
  14. at Sixth and Elm
  15. for shocking
  16. There was never doubt that Hannah would become a famous and internationally known jazz singer.
  17. Midville is not large, but rather small with an atmosphere that offers safety to residents, especially families.
  18. Ed spent many hours drawing the map that traced the growth of the church denomination he belonged to.
  19. At this point, Erin could not see any point in paying tuition to a college she was convinced she was not receiving the best education.
  20. Always confused by any math problems, Sally signed up for one of the hardest math courses for no reason.
  21. John was having great difficulty to figure out his schedule for the upcoming semester since the prerequisite courses had not been completed yet.
  22. Our professors give little consideration to our textbooks being very costly.
  23. Alex said reading many books in a short time would improve his writing.
  24. Football has replaced baseball, the national pastime, as the favorite sport of the country.
  25. During most of February, Laura stayed in her room and tried to fight off a cold.
  26. I have a disinterest in helping people who are unwilling to be on time and put in effort for success.
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