CNA #4

Woman arrested in death of Kim Jong Un’s half brother

It is believed that Kim Jong Un’s half brother, Kim Jong Nam, was poisoned at an airport in Malaysia, resulting in his death. Although an autopsy is currently in the process, an Asian woman has been arrested and detained for future questioning and investigation. Kim was taken to an airport clinic after not feeling well and died on the way to a hospital from there.

Russian spy ship lurks off Connecticut coast

The US Navy is currently keeping an eye on a Russian spy ship that has been sitting just 30 miles from the coast of Connecticut, a ship that has many different forms of high-tech spy equipment. Along with this, not long ago a Russian warplane that was heavily armed had a “mock attack” on a US ship. This ship that follows Russia’s northern fleet is as close to the US coast as it has ever been.

ISIS using kidnapped Yazidi children in suicide missions

ISIS has now started kidnapping Yazidi kids to be brainwashed and forced to help fulfill suicide missions. Two boys in particular appeared in a video and were heard from for the first time since they were taken in 2014, having no idea where they currently where. The two boys, who are 11 and 12 years of age, have no family remaining as they were all killed in the infamous Sinjar massacre in 2014.