Interview with Founder of GetMyClasses

Below is an interview I conducted with the founder of GetMyClasses. Enjoy!

1. What was your inspiration to create GMC?

That’s an easy one. Each and every time I had to register for classes, I had to suffer through a terrible process beginning with a furious rush at 6:00 AM to try to get all my classes before some other sleep deprived student could beat me to it. If the servers didn’t crash and the website didn’t go down, it was a miracle. Even then, almost nobody I knew got their first choice in classes. So, after suffering through registration for years, I decided it was time for a change.

2. What was the process of developing GMC?

Great question! When I got the idea for GetMyClasses, I actually didn’t know how to code despite launching my first software company, Quickwork, a year prior. I’d learned just enough to keep my head above the water when talking to developers. The natural progression was to learn to code, so I devoted my time to it. After about a month, I felt confident enough to build a prototype. I somehow managed to convince a few of my friends to let me experiment with their registration to prove my concept. It worked! After that, I recruited some help to build out the concept and make it work on a large scale.

3. What has been the biggest roadblock of GMC?

I’d say the biggest roadblock has to be educating colleges and universities that push back against this new way of registering for classes. Students have a big problem with registration and are ready for a change. I think some institutions just aren’t ready to accept that barely adequate just isn’t good enough.

4. When you hit that roadblock, how did you find the motivation to continue working on GMC?

Although there have bumps in the road, I am passionate about fixing this problem so that students don’t have to deal with the registration system that I had use. Not only that, but after registration last Fall, I got a letter from a GetMyClasses user saying that she had only one possible schedule that would allow her to take the classes she needed to graduate on time and also allow her to keep her job. She told me GetMyClasses was able to help her get that schedule and ultimately keep her job. Stories like that really put things in perspective and continually renew my motivation to push forward through the roadblocks.

5. What is your end goal for GMC?

My end goal is to fix the broken system that is class registration. I’ve already found a solution that will allow at least some students to get the schedules they want. Ultimately, I’d like to challenge the way we think about class registration and create a new registration experience for every student that isn’t just passable, but is excellent in every way.

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