this portfolio shows a timeline of some of my best photos taken throughout the 2016–2017 school year.

taken on september 6, 2016. depth of field and the effect.
taken on september 22, 2016. portrait of pluto in a tree.
taken on november 27, 2016. christmas lights in downtown cleveland.
taken on december 14, 2016. as part of a short video i made, using long exposure and multiple strobe lights.
shot and edited in three days, the first short “film” i made. looking back on it, i think i definitely over did the effects on premiere and i should have had it follow a story better than what i tried to do.
taken on february 10, 2017. used long exposure and the ring light to create a halo effect over diana
taken on february 18, 2017. brite winter fest.
taken on april 18, 2017. the contrast between the symmetrical architecture and the angle of the shadows makes this picture kind of uncomfortable and confusing but, the underexposure creates a sort of dystopian future.
taken on may 5, 2017. included to show the post production. the original is very noisy and warm, and even though the pink and blue contrast each other i think it works well with the emotions shown on the singer.
taken on may 17, 2017. depth of field and a bit of an overexposure.