The Best Parenting Apps of 2019

Being a parent is the best job in the world, but it’s safe to say that it is not always easy. However, thanks to the evolution of technology, there is an app for everything, including parenting. Our experts have tried hundreds of apps for all age groups, and chosen their favorite app for each age that not only is fun for the kids, but makes parenting easier.

Age Group: 2–4 years old | Best App of 2019: B.Bot World

Simply put, most parents dread potty training.. While there are many books, podcasts and blogs with tips and tricks from experts, many moms and dads across the world have struggled with the process. However, with a new app, B.Bot World, that whole process has changed, making it enjoyable not only for the parent, but the child as well. B.Bot World uses engaging characters, thoughtfully-designed activities, rewards, and repetition to help kids learn to recognize and act on that tingly, pre-potty feeling they get after they eat and drink.

This new app is so revolutionary it has already won awards and the parent company is part of Johnson and Johnson’s J Lab Incubator. See video here.

Available for free on Android

Coming to iOS soon!

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Age Group: 4–8 years old | Best App of 2019: Wishing Pixies

Once your child has mastered using the potty and gained their independence, it’s time to start reinforcing responsibility, educational behaviors and healthy habits. While bribing kids with ice cream to make their bed might work, it is not the best way to go about it. A parent and teacher with 20 years experience took it upon herself to create a better way to teach children — say hello to Wishing Pixies. An educational family behavioral game, children use a mobile app while parents use a responsive website to manage their interactions with their children, acting as the pixie. The parent is able to assign tasks to the child (as the pixie), talk to their child (as the pixie), and reward their child as needed (as the pixie). The best part? There are Pixie Dolls available so the child has something tangible! To learn more, watch this video!

Available for free on Android and iOS

Pixies Dolls ($39.95) available here.

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Age Group: 8+ years | App: Loog Guitars

As with every age group of kids, it’s important for parents to find activities for after school and weekends that are not only fun, but educational. Thanks to Loog Guitars, parents don’t need to look any further. Started as a Master’s Thesis at NYU, Loog Guitars is on a mission to help make learning music fun and stimulating for children (and adults). The app has everything you need to start playing songs including video lessons, a tuner, and digital songbook so you can learn guitar by playing real songs (Beatles, Stones, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars). The 3-string award-winning designed guitars reduce chords to the basic triad levels, allowing an easier and faster process.

App is available for free on Android and iOS

Guitars ($79.00+) available on Loog and Amazon

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