Membership For Millenials — 3 Reasons Why Belonging To The Leading Association For DevOps Professionals Makes Sense For Gen Y

With technology at their fingertips since they could speak, Millennials have high expectations in terms of personalization, immediacy, and exclusivity. Luckily, DevOps Institute membership delivers all three.

  1. Personalization.

As the leading association for DevOps professionals, DevOps Institute’s personalized approach caters to the millenial craving for individualized attention. Millenials demand impeccable customer service, and are 81% more likely to seek out an association that utilizes a concierge approach, according to a Buzz Marketing Group Survey. DevOps Institute has a full-time Community Manager and regularly monitored Slack channel to fit this need and answer any questions a member may have.

2. Immediacy.

Millenials know what they want, and know that they want it right now. Aside from the DevOps Institute members-only Slack channel, learners are able to access and download all DevOps Institute Continuous Learning Library materials instantly, and, for a limited time, they’re able to do so at no cost.

3. Exclusivity.

Thought leadership in the DevOps space is reserved for the best and brightest. Direct access to these thought leaders through webinars, podcasts, e-books, and other exclusive content and events is only possible through a DevOps Institute membership. DevOps Institute helps shape future DevOps Leaders.

Belonging to DevOps Institute will help advance your career and improve your organization’s success. Professional associations help grow your career by growing your skills. DevOps Institute’s certification matrix reflects the most hireable and desirable skills in today’s high demand digital transformation talent market. Join today and follow DevOps Institute on Twitter to stay updated.