Two Birds With One Tech Event - The Genius Idea That Is Pre-Con Training

Taylor Puleri
Aug 22, 2018 · 2 min read

Why didn’t we think of it sooner?

IT events have become nothing short of a full Broadway-caliber production. From the over-the-top venues to the indulgent cuisine and live entertainment, tech conferences, aside from the obvious benefits of networking, have established themselves as a juggernaut with countless other flashy perks.

In an effort to avoid diminshing the undeniable value of IT conferences, the contacts made and conversations had at these events can change the trajectory of an organization’s year in a matter of hours. That’s why more and more IT professionals attend year after year. But for the cost of travel, hotel, precious time away from the office, and other trip-associated expenses, shouldn’t there be some other tangible advantage attendees leave with?

That’s where pre-conference training comes in. By getting DevOps Institute certified at an IT event they’re already attending, learners are applying the information they’ve digested in class to real-life exchanges just a day or so afterwards at the conference- and then doing the same for weeks, months, and years to come back in the office.

DevOps Institute is proud to partner with major IT events around the world to bring pre-conference training and other educational opportunities, delivered by DevOps Institute Registered Education Partners, directly to continuous learners. Check out the list of upcoming events- and make sure that the next time you attend a tech conference, the juice is worth the squeeze:

Jenkins World (San Francisco) — DevOps Leader
Sunday, September 16 • 9:00am — Monday, September 17 • 5:00pm

Jenkins World (San Francisco) — Value Stream Mapping for DevOps

Sunday, September 16 • 9:00am — Monday, September 17 • 5:00pm

Service Management Fusion (St. Louis) — DevOps Foundation

Sunday, September 29— Monday, September 30 (days/times TBD)

Service Management World (Orlando) — DevOps Foundation

Sunday, October 14 • 9:00am — Monday, October 15 • 5:00pm

Jenkins World (Nice) — DevOps Leader

Monday, October 22 • 9:00am — Tuesday, October 23 • 5:00pm

CloudExpo DevOpsSummit (NYC) — DevOps Foundation

Monday, November 12 • 7:00am — Tuesday, November 13 • 7:00pm

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