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Healthcare is not known for well-designed technology. The industry is extraordinarily complicated, highly regulated, and dominated by entrenched legacy companies. Despite (or perhaps because of) these challenges, startups and major tech companies like Apple and Google are getting into healthcare.

I interviewed four design and product leaders in healthtech startups to better understand the industry

I am deeply grateful to all of them for taking the time to share their insights. They all showed passion and enthusiasm for making healthcare better through great products.

Philip Johnson — Co-Founder + Chief Product Officer @ Enzyme Health Andy Keil — Head of Product @ DocStation Eric Boggs — UX Director @ EverlyWell Diana Gonzalez — Senior UX…

Sometimes you just can’t figure out how to make your symbols resize correctly no matter what you try. Here are a few things to check while you bang your forehead against your desk in frustration (be gentle).

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This article is based on Sketch 54.1. If you have another version of Sketch there might (probably will) be differences.

1. I pinned a symbol with a fixed size to the edge but it doesn’t stay on the edge

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Tech is in the midst of a rare moment of self-reflection. For that, everyone in and out of the industry should be grateful. It’s an opportunity. Not to turn our backs on everything that has been accomplished, but to find a better way to move forward, to course correct before we wander off into the dark.

Much of the current criticism of Tech has focused on social media companies. Social media revolutionized the internet, in part, by harnessing one of the most powerful and dangerous aspects of psychology — addiction. Every imaginable technique has been implemented (and more than a…

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