Kadena has launched Technical Grants, a structured model designed to reward blockchain developers for contributing their talent to the world’s fastest layer-1 PoW network.

Empowered Innovation

The goal of Technical Grants is to accelerate the growth of the Kadena ecosystem by funding software development that provides novel use cases and user-friendly tooling.

It takes a thriving and diverse community to deliver the pipeline of solutions necessary to realize the full potential of this emerging digital economy. We believe Kadena’s hybrid blockchain provides the best framework. If you share this vision, we encourage you to apply for grant funding.

Grant Opportunities

Kadena welcomes all high-quality…

Here at Kadena, we’re focused on making blockchain as useful and usable as possible. From our user-friendly and powerful smart contract language Pact, to our wallet and developer environment Chainweaver, we’re creating products that make the safety and global reach of blockchain accessible to everyone. Today, we’re announcing that we’ve implemented the world’s first autonomous crypto gas station on a public blockchain.

One of the biggest barriers to the broad use of decentralized applications (dApps) is the requirement that participants must first onboard to a cryptocurrency to pay gas for transaction costs. Before a user can interact with a dApp…

A Demo & Walkthrough

This article summarizes the concept of a hybrid blockchain, describes a simple use case scenario, and then walks through the scenario with a demonstration. Follow along at http://hybrid.chainweb.com/ to experience Kadena’s hybrid blockchain yourself.

How does a Hybrid Blockchain Work?

A hybrid blockchain application allows public and private blockchain networks to share data between them (“interoperate”) through smart contracts deployed on each network, respectively. The smart contracts from both networks communicate through a bridge.

In practice, a hybrid blockchain transaction is composed of three parts. For example:

  1. A user posts new data to a smart contract on Kadena’s public chain
  2. Once mined, this transaction is recognized…

Chainweaver is more than a crypto wallet, it is a full blockchain interface providing its users with unmatched control over their network activity.

February 21, 2020 —Today, Kadena announced the release of Chainweaver, the official cryptocurrency and smart contract wallet for the Kadena public blockchain. This production release offers versions that can be run on MacOS, Linux, and Windows (as a virtual appliance).


The open-source desktop application aims to drive adoption through improved user experience. With that goal in mind, today’s release incorporates many community-driven feature enhancements that were collected during an open beta period.

While many blockchains require a suite of tools to perform various tasks, Kadena’s Chainweaver is designed as a one-stop-shop for interacting with the blockchain. Some of…

Crypto Wallet User Guide
Crypto Wallet User Guide

A visual walkthrough and comparison of features

In the field of blockchain, one of the first experiences that users typically have is with a “crypto wallet.” While cryptocurrency is one of many use cases for blockchain, it is the most popular and interesting for new participants. Even in the early days of this technology, there is already an overwhelmingly broad variety of crypto wallet providers. Their feature sets are vast, as is their approach to user experience and security.

To understand user experience (UX) is to appreciate the power and nuance behind the forces that shape human behavior. Great UX evokes a feeling of ease & delight…

At Kadena, we talk a lot about blockchain design decisions. One particularly profound design decision that I’ve come across recently revolves around the property of Turing completeness, which sparked debate in a recent post by one of our developers. As a non-technical member of the team, I wanted to learn what Turing completeness actually means, why the blockchain community seems to be divided on the matter, and why our engineers are working hard to educate others on its drawbacks for safe smart contract programming.

What follows is a brief summary of my exploration to demystify and understand this core property…

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