What would happen if you let go of control?

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We all crave freedom as a basic human need.

It’s no wonder that in a society with so many controlling inputs, we struggle to master and often, even understand, the art of letting go. Letting go of control, letting go of needing to have all of the answers, letting go and embracing the uncertainty of what can be.

From a young age we experience so many controlling inputs - parental conditioning, societal conditioning, the government, the education system, our jobs, marketing. We’re inundated with inputs telling us what to buy, how to act, how to live, how to work, what’s acceptable, what’s unacceptable, what your relationship should look like, and how you should feel.

Both consciously and more frequently, unconsciously, we let ourselves be controlled by old patterns and conditioning. Patterns and conditioning that were modeled for us and imprinted on us from a young age. These controlling inputs dictate our relationships, our reactions, our thought patterns, and our choices — all the while, we just crave the feeling of fulfillment, we crave to be seen by someone (whether by family, in friendship or romantic relationships) as our truest selves and to live meaningful lives.

What would happen if we let go of control?

Would the world fall apart around us? Would we lose everything we’ve ever worked for? Would our friends and family all leave us? Would our partner abandon us? Would we fail?

Instead of trying to control the outcomes of your life, what If you could take a step back and try letting life unfold for you? Trusting what’s meant for you will find you, and everything you encounter on your path is there to teach you — to help you grow into who you’re meant to be.

What if we were able to surrender to the human experience, to the fact that life can be equally beautiful and painful, positive and negative. That all of these feelings and experiences culminate in the beauty of being alive.

I saw a quote along the lines of “If you feel like you have to control your partner, that’s not a relationship”, and it couldn’t be more true.

Wouldn’t you rather be with someone who consciously chooses you on their own? Whether it’s a partner or with a friend — control is not love, and we’ll never get to know our truest selves if we’re constantly trying to control the experiences happening all around us.

How much of the stress of your life comes from trying to control situations? Whether at work, social situations, in your relationships with friends and family, you name it.

Why not take a chance to separate yourself from all of these controlling inputs and step into your power to see what you can create. To do the work to consciously understand your conditioning, your patterns, your trauma — to dig deeper and step into a place of understanding and growth.

What you can learn and understand within yourself? When you become conscious to all of these controlling inputs and how they dictate your immediate thoughts, choices and reactions. We struggle so much to be present, it’s something I struggle with at times myself. However, being present and being in the moment is one of the most freeing experiences we can have.

In the present moment there is no past or future. It’s what’s unfolding in that space, and what you’re experiencing in real time. The emotions that come up for you, the thoughts that have had you on auto-pilot for so much of your life. Can you dig deeper and question them, the root of where they’re coming from and if it’s truly what you desire for yourself.

What if we can lean into that feeling of letting go and start to truly experience the beauty of life without any expectation of what it should be? To just live.

Inspired by:

‎Mark Groves Podcast: The Complexities of Being Alive with Rainier Wylde on Apple Podcasts



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