Leadership and Professionalism in a Cut

Tricoci University, Elgin

“What the industry needs is another professional” is written on the wall of the salon inside Tricoci University. If the only thing that comes to your mind when you hear cosmetology school is hair, then allow me introduce you to the world that Mario Tricoci created for aspiring stylists in 2004.

With 11 Universities open in Illinois, this school is teaching students what they need to know about hair, skincare, makeup, facials, and nail care. I spoke with two Elgin students, Karolina Crissie and Julia Williams, about their experience at the school.

“The best part of going to cosmetology school is being able to express my creativity everyday with something I actually enjoy doing” Crissie said.

Karolina Crissie at Tricoci University, Elgin

Crissie originally went to traditional college, but changed course when she realized that her passion lied in beauty. She utilizes social media to showcase her work. In a world that heavily relies on social media, stylists can use it to their advantage to get the attention of possible clients.

“Social media is essential to up and coming stylists and can make or break if a client wants to book with you or not. We are taught to conduct ourselves in the most professional manner in person and online,” Crissie said.

It is important for students to learn professionalism and leadership skills at Tricoci University that they will use for the rest of their lives. The diverse and encouraging environment propels students to be their best in every aspect.

“This school has given me so much more than the skills to make someone look their best. It has given me the confidence to lead and stand out in a field where there is creativity everywhere you look,” Williams said.

Students are able to build relationships and get hands on experience while learning in the attached salon. This resource is important for their future aspirations.

“My future plans are to find a good salon to train under and continue to build a clientele until I am able to save enough money to open my own salon in the future,” Crissie said.