Why I’m Blogging

I admit that I have no clue what I’m doing in this online world and I haven’t written my true, candid thoughts in a LONG long time. Thank you ahead of time for joining this space. My only ask is that you read and sip a cup of coffee/tea/anything to make this a whole vibe. You good to go?

I’m Taylor, a 23 year old graduate with career training wheels and more passion than I know what do with. I’m fully immersed into adulthood and it is a juggling act for sure. For anyone who is in my same boat, aren’t you anxious? Don’t you desire a one-stop-shop for everything you didn’t know that you need to know in this stage of life? This is where I can help you and act on my purpose — making the world a more inclusive place by sharing what I know, what I feel, and how I go about conquering all my anxiousness.

I did this post in 30 minutes. That pretty much means I accomplished what I considered the impossible sometime last week. The only thing that was standing in the way was me way overthinking how to get started. There is so much pressure to be perfect on the first try (blame the pressure of adulthood). The reality is that there is a learning curve with everything. No one person is the same. Some get it together faster than others. No problem — slow and steady wins the race, but make sure you are steady!

All I had to do was talk to people I know who are successful at acting on their purpose. They basically gave me the same advice, “Stop overthinking and just do it!” Who cares what others think because they will judge you anyway, right? I challenge you to start something this week. Show someone else to hold yourself accountable for continuing whatever it is. Cheers to getting started even if it isn’t perfect!