Navel Gazing #antifreedom

  • Keep His mind on the inner life. He thinks his conversion is something inside him and his attention is therefore chiefly turned at present to the states of his own mind — or rather to that very expurgated version of them which is all you should allow him to see.

C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

In the past there has been a bit a separation in the love of God and the love of people, we have found excuses so that we can sacrifice morality for security. For Peace, no confrontation. This has brought our eyes above the view of immorality that didn’t affect us. We can overlook that…hide that.

We became more concerned with other things rather than teaching men how to love there wives, now we have pastors leaving their wives and families. We became less interested in the character and the love of our children that we have created very “successful” men and women that don’t have any idea as to why they shouldn’t sell their soul to get ahead.

Making sure that I am ok and taken care of and happy is the most impressive and maculating thing I can do. Men and women.

When a person becomes so obsessed with himself the value of another human being becomes less and less important. We have created a community of people that are so disconnected with each other that the value for our brothers and sisters becomes a non priority, and we find other things to be priority. Therefore we create a supremely dysfunctional community and call it the church…the bride of Christ! Because that’s what we have always called it.

That paradigm that the church lives in, bleeds into the rest of humanity. The value for another human life is found to be minimal, unless otherwise obligated. That is why I can watch the news about men and women dying and not let it affect my present state of being.

This paradigm that the church has found itself immersed in is soiled, earthly. Everything that is not eternal. When we find ourselves in this place we are confined to the walls of our minds and inside our mind we are starving for something more, something bigger than ourselves. We are a church with a “poverty of the mind”.

The pinnacle of creation. You. God created humans in His image. This is value beyond any other living thing, we need to see the truth of the value of a life.