The Importance of Social Media Marketing and Mobile Websites #ADV420

Lush Cosmetics Social Media Marketers,

Your company does an amazing job in their execution of social media marketing and mobile website. The story feature is to die for and has a quirky upbeat, yet informative nature (in relation to it’s content) From how to’s, to your beauty products, regarding your ethical practices; it’s outstanding and easy to navigate. What is so lovely about your homepage is the ability to easily search and find what you’re interested in. The desktop version of your site allows browsers and potential customers to sift through stories on the blog and “The Story Pot” tab-which let’s customers know what the company stands for. One of the first stories is “Exposing Cruelty”-Giving Lab Animals a Reason to Live. This particular article goes onto elaborate about animal right sand those being killed for research. Although a darker topic, I think it fits beautifully with the work that you do and resonates with your customer base. Just below the homepage “stories” are the products you offer ranging from bath, shower, hair and face items, as well as a place to search your locations. For being a company that doesn’t rely on classic forms of advertising, you’ve done a phenomenal job at creating a successful domain. Your social marketing tactics-especially this day and age, couldn’t have come around at a better time if you wanted it to.

The next portion of your social media marketing strategy I find to be rather admirable, is your mobile website. This is the easiest one I have yet to install on my phone (although that could have been luck of the day). The navigation is precise and pleasing to the eye, at the very bottom of the screen are four categories: one is the story feature, products, shopping, and locations. What I find so wonderful is the easy access to the top things you are either going to be 1.) looking for and 2.) need to know about the company and where it is located for your particular needs/wants/inquiries.

To elaborate further, your social media marketing tactics are not only incredibly consistent, but they are fantastically responsive. The response rate I’ve noticed on your various social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (to be specific), are much quicker than any other company I have come across (I could be biased, but it’s definitely noticed). Another strong tactic is the ability to treat each customer like a close friend, in the fashion which you respond. I think the engagement aspect of your company ESPECIALLY because you don’t rely on traditional advertising, is out of this world amazing and people respond to it really well!

I would recommend adding a feature on your mobile site that takes your customer directly to your social media pages; specifically Instagram because of it’s 4 million followers, versus Facebook’s 1.2 million. I think because Lush is so visual, interactive and quirky Instagram makes the most sense (and is highly engaging with a younger audience). Instagram is becoming a major source for information, entertainment, and usage among younger crowds. The digital era is making it a strong platform and for a company like Lush, it’s the perfect media to showcase your visually colorful products while also interacting with your customer base (and attracting new customers). I think sending people to your social media pages is not only smart, but a really effective way to engage customers and even allowing you to better understand analytics. The best part about your Instagram page is the visuals and how to’s whether it’s through your stories or clips on your actual page, showcasing how to use the products.

In addition to the huge customer base you have generated over the years, social media has been a major benefit to your company! I think what’s so impactful is how you’re attracting your customer base and because of your ethics and the rise in popularity of ethical approaches to beauty and the environment; you can reach an even bigger base of people than in the previous non-digitized era(s). One major benefit to you now is the use of the hashtag and SEO/inbound marketing tactics that can help your brand better understand their audience’s wants and needs. I think targeting the right audience in a highly digital age is a necessity to any company and yours just so happens to already have success in their history. This evolving time period is almost like the cherry on top for you as a company.

With that being said the only bone I could conceivably pick is to create links that send your customers to your social media pages, for engagement/research purposes. I think it gives value to the customers and is a way to gain traction with the audience you want and doesn’t just send them to the point of purchase (it has an authentic element, which your company is all about).