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*Caution: Colourful language ahead*

It began with a horrible nights sleep.
My son’s last calcified nugget of horror is ripping through his gums.
The seemingly adorable kittens perpetually scratched and meowed.
Until everyone woke up.
At 4:30am.

I tried to remedy.
To catch some blissful zzz’s on the couch.
But the screaming and yelling had already pierced the air.

I broke up a million fights before sunrise.
I cleaned up cat poo off the floor.
I vacuumed around the litter box.
The kittens fling it around like it’s fucking confetti.

I listened to my daughter incessantly whine about making heart shaped waffles. …

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Photo by Cameron Venti on Unsplash

I don’t know how it happened.

When I was younger I used to hate running — hate with a capital H. I would often endure only 30 seconds of the mandatory task before a mind-bending cramp would wreck havoc in my side.

In elementary school, I remember dreading the infamous track and field day. For some bizarre reason, I would always sign up for the 100m sprint, as if there was no lesser evil to choose from. And without fail, I always came in last — my schoolmates on the bleachers getting a front-row seat to my demise.

But somewhere along the way, my relationship with running changed. …

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Photo from freerangestock.com

Within the flaws
Of an ordinary day
It sets sail
On the waves
Of the wind

And unassuming
It arrives
On a dancing breeze

The soul
Is still
As thoughts
Take pause

And joy and pain
Walk effortlessly
As one

And finally free
It calms the noise
Yet enlivens
The heart

And as you relax
Breathing deeply
Within the space between
For a moment
Life begins


Taylor Carr

Life. Motherhood. And all the feels in between. Writer. Dreamer. INFJ. Canadian. colourforyourthoughts.com

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