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I’ve found that with increased isolation, my normal influx of pizza consumption has tripled. I gouda be better about it because this is far from over.

4/15/20 was the first day I woke up thinking these last few weeks might have just been a bad dream. I’m not adding anything new when I say these last few weeks have been tough.

Surprise! It’s a virus. We weren’t ready, we ignored precautions, and now we’re paying the price. Good, now you’re all caught up.

There are a few things that have been pillars of discontentment for me — most of which…

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Moving cities won’t make up for the lack of depth in your relationships.

Depth is a basic human need — our brains depend on it for both development and reassurance. There’s literally an entire part of the brain dedicated to this called the Temporoparietal Junction (or TPJ, for short). It’s the part of the brain that’s triggered when connecting with others; when impersonal interactions turn into a relationship; when things are shared. Don’t believe me? Read the research. Change of scenery is one thing, but it's generally a bandaid to a different problem. Find depth — and find it wherever you are.

You can’t focus on growing branches when you haven’t established your roots.

There’s a reason weeds get plucked and bushes only grow to…

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Two promotions, three job changes, and one layoff over the past 8 years have taught me a few things about the interview process.

Individuals too often treat interviews as one-way transactions, but a good interview has both parties leaving with more knowledge than when they entered.

Job searching tends to be a long, arduous, and often mentally defeating process. These side effects, if you will, can be mitigated with strategic preparation before embarking on the journey. The 4 sections below outline the plan of attack I’ve used to gain valuable perspective about a job before accepting or turning down an offer and make the process a whole lot more palatable.

It’s important to remember that it’s the interviewer’s job (the company) to make…

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I recently read an article by Nat Eliason titled “No More ‘Struggle Porn’” and it reopened a can of worms in my brain that just won’t stay shut. It’s a 5 minute read. Go, give it a go. I’ll wait here.

Caught up? Good. Like Nat (presumably, we’re on a first-name basis now), I have not met Gary V — or any of the hustle-friendly motivational speakers — but I can certainly see the similarities. They eat, sleep, and breathe under the guise of the “hustle hard, stay humble” mantra.

What bothers me most is they KNOW it’s not as…

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Loneliness is a funny thing. Frankly, it’s quite difficult to write about — especially being someone who’s generally an extrovert and has a fairly solid group of people around him. But there’s a distinct difference between the perception of social fulfillment/happiness and actual loneliness. Bear with me, I’ll walk you through it.

The transition from early-twenties-Taylor to mid-twenties-Taylor has been a surprising one. Dawning the new era, things like aimlessly wandering from bar to bar, or driving more than 30 minutes for a social activity, has become less and less appealing. There also seemed to be a clear divide between…

Taylor Cashdan

I’m a North Carolina-based multidisciplinary creative and community builder that’s passionate about people, design, and all the intersections in between.

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