a messy floor

It’s raining today.

Two of my classes were cancelled this morning so I got to start my break early. I did so by sleeping in (9am) and watching more Casey Neistat videos than any person should in one sitting. I realized last night that I haven’t written about how he cancelled the vlog this weekend. Definitely a sad moment for millions of people worldwide, but I like to think that I saw it coming. We know that he started “vlogging” (that word is the worst) daily to challenge himself. He wanted pressure to create something every day, and he got just that. He created hundreds of videos over the course of just a year and a half! Each one almost as enjoyable as the next, with unprecedented production value for a daily vlog. But in the last few weeks he hasn’t been uploading every day; it seemed like the vlog wasn’t a priority anymore. And then he came out and said it: the vlog isn’t pushing him anymore. He can make edits quickly and he isn’t learning. The vlog had just become videos of what he does every day, which is something he never wanted.

He explained it using his favorite metaphor: he is Tarzan, swinging across the jungle towards all of the things he wants in life; each step that he takes is a new “vine”, and he needs to let go of each vine in order to grab a new one and keep moving forward. The vlog was a vine that carried him a long way and has been way more successful than he ever imagined, but it’s time for him to let go of it in order to grab the next vine.

It’s actually a nice metaphor, I like it.

Luckily for us mortals Casey has said that he will still be uploading regularly to youtube, the content will just be different; more space between videos, and higher quality content from a production point of view.

I’m okay with that, especially because I still have almost a year of old vlogs to go through.

And luckily for all of my fans here on Medium (there are no fans) I just grabbed this vine so you will be hearing a lot more from me.

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