big moon

I totally forgot to write yesterday.

Last night was the “biggest full moon of the century” or something like that. Pictured above is the best of the 10 pictures that I took with my iphone 6s before I gave up. It is really a shame that there is no exposure control in the default iOS camera. Yeah, that’s definitely not how apple works but it sure would be nice.

My roommate Jamon and I, both anxious to experience the grandeur of this spectacle, decided to climb this mountain:

We got to the foot of the mountain around 8:30 pm, and made it to the blue circle in just over an hour. It was honestly probably the hardest hike I have ever done, but the moon was actually very impressive! We didn’t use our headlamps the whole way up, it was so bright. If I had to rate the experience, I would definitely give it a solid 10/10. We made it up and back in two hours and we were home before bedtime. I have an almost overwhelming amount of homework to do this week, but spontaneous excursions like this are always worth it to me. Being outside really grounds me, and last night in particular was calm and quiet; a perfect getaway from the constant pressures of school and work.

If you are ever in Logan, hike that blue trail.

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