How to be an influencer on the internet

Some unhelpful advice.

Be funny.

But not too funny. People might think you’re trying too hard.

Be honest.

But not too honest. You don’t want all of your secrets on the internet, do you?

Be candid.

But not too candid. You might offend.

Be vulnerable.

But not too vulnerable. You’re just asking for trolls.

Be nice.

But not too nice. You don’t want to be a doormat.

Be aspirational.

But not too aspirational. People need to feel like your life is attainable.

Be relatable.

But not too relatable. You can’t be basic.

Be accessible.

But not too accessible. Your time is a scarce resource, after all.

Be niche.

But not too niche. You need critical mass.

Be social.

But not too social. You don’t want a reputation for self-promotion.

Be beautiful.

But not too beautiful. You don’t want to look like you’re flaunting it.

Inspired by “Oops I Made A Feminist Joke On The Internet” by Sara Schaefer.

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