Here’s the methodology I use — and teach — to measure success.

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When we test a new channel, tactic, or project, we must do so within the confines of an experiment.

Why Experiments Matter

When we try something new, we need a methodology for determining success. Did it work could result in vastly different answers if each person is interpreting results based on different factors. Extending a tactic that “worked” relies on consistency in execution and analysis.

Experiments give us a system to figure out whether or not the projects we’re trying are helping us achieve our goals as a company.

The Process

I don’t know what to do, so I’m planting seeds.

My world has ended, and yet it is spring.

Daffodils and dandelions and buttercups greet the morning with blooms like sunshine. Dandelion-yellow is my favorite color, and this time of year, the ground is carpeted in cheer. Even the pollen joins in, coating the world in its suffocating dust.

We’re supposed to hate pollen. I can’t bring myself to do so, even with a tickle in my throat. I feel for you, allergy-sufferers, but I can’t bring myself to join in on the campaign against the clouds of yellow.

I’m grateful my quarantine involves sunshine and yellow flowers and a…

Tortuga’s team is furloughed, so I’m available for consulting. Or anything else you need.

Flexing marketing chops at Lifecycle, a marketing conference in London, in late 2019

Hi, friends, acquaintances, fellow people.

Tortuga, the company I’ve spend 4+ years growing, makes travel gear. As nobody’s traveling during COVID-19’s outbreak (rightfully so), you can probably see where this is going. Consumer demand for travel — and its requisite gear — is effectively nonexistent during a global pandemic.

Tortuga’s entering a “hibernation” period to survive — including a laying off the entire team. That includes me. Hopefully, this is a short-term move, but nobody really knows what the world will look like after COVID.

Tortuga’s operations and strategy are sound — this is not a collapse of a poorly…

The editors, both recent ex-New Yorkers, discuss.

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12/2/19, 9:43 AM, iMessage

Georgette Eva:

Weird question for you, do you ever know you’re sort of out of it when you don’t get excited to dress up in the morning?

Taylor Coil:

Ooof. Yes. I’ve spent a long time thinking about that. I’ve *barely* tried with my appearance lately. And by lately I mean…. The past several months?

I only recently started wearing makeup again — just tinted sunscreen and boy brow, maybe a little blush — and it’s amazing what a difference I feel.

But I haven’t been excited to get dressed in absolutely ages. I wear the…

Inseparability can be irresistible, but in my life, it’s brought more pain than pleasure.

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It starts with a heady crush. The platonic kind, one that brings to mind the did we just become best friends meme and an unshakable feeling of being seen from the start.

It turns into the performance of friendship: Instagram posts captioned with secret acronyms, a joint identity, constant signals to yourself and to the world that you have a best friend. Unhealthy dependency comes next, a thrilling avalanche that can’t be slowed. …

Looking south on West End Avenue from W 88th St

The latch on the iron gate sticks — you have to finagle it just so to be rewarded with a telltale scrape against the brick. Walk down three steps to the 6x6 landing and you’ll see a rose bush above the trash cave, a hopeful occupant of W 88th St. It looks like it’s dying right now, but for two perfect weeks one April, it bloomed, and six pale pink roses watched over the rubbish.

A clever someone thought they designed the trash cave for a perfect fit. Unlatch it, pull up on the metal pole that’s lodged in the…

I know this is cringey, but I finally get it.

I’m Vanna White-ing my boyfriend. I’m not sure what he’s Vanna White-ing. The trees, I guess.

Lamenting the experience of infatuation was a common refrain for Past Taylor, usually expressed in frustration to Georgette. The cycle was almost comical in its predictability:

Ever my patient companion, Georgette would encourage me to reframe, turn the heartaches into heartsighs. (Thank you, G.)

“Falling is supposed to be fun,” she’d remind me. “I know it’s hard, but maybe…

The Bahamian fishing village that feels like home.

I like to travel to places that push my boundaries.

Places like Guatemala and Haiti and Bolivia, places that wreak havoc on my gut biome and force me to reevaluate what I think it means to be physically exhausted. And then, once I’m good and wrecked, those places present me with cultural norms, daily lives, and realities so entirely different than my own, forcing my perspective to not so much shift as much as change entirely. I am a student, and a weary one.

It’s formative challenge. Important challenge.

Spanish Wells does not challenge me.

The sleepy Bahamian fishing village…

It’s like interval training, but at work.

Kayaking Spanish Wells with my mom, my favorite place for “time on low.”

I’ve been sprinting at work recently.

I get to my workspace at 7:30 am and turn off my phone; I know I’ll spend half the day texting Katherine and Georgette if I don’t. I hide the damn thing in my daypack, just to be safe. I turn up Spotify. Complete a pomodoro. Stand up, stretch, refill my mug of tea. Walk to my buddy Mikaela’s desk to chat and give my brain a break. Walk back to my own desk when something else requires Mikaela’s attention. I stretch, sit down, do it again.

Sprinting feels good.

Too good.

That’s why…

Why does it feel shameful to admit we want romantic companionship?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the narrative of independence as it relates to the experience of being a single woman.

Specifically, the idea that it’s not a good look to want romantic companionship when you don’t have it.

Like when you’re super duper single. Like I am. Which is fun!

When you’re super duper single, you’re not supposed to look for a partner. It’s supposed to just sort of happen. …

Taylor Coil

Marketing generalist with a focus on content & product marketing.

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