I wanted to detail here what I did to get tensorflow-gpu working with my fresh Ubuntu 18.04 LTS install. NVIDIA doesn’t have any official downloads for Ubuntu 18.04 yet, but you can get things to work with the available files for Ubuntu 17.04.

Check your NVIDIA driver version

The first thing you should check is that you have an Nvidia driver installed for your graphics card. Your graphics card must support at least Nvidia compute 3.0 to install tensorflow-gpu.

You can check what graphics driver you have installed with thenvidia-smicommand. You should see some output like the following:

The driver version you have installed is near the top left next to “NVIDIA-SMI”. I’ve got nvidia-390 installed.

If you don’t have a proper driver…

Taylor Denouden

Machine Learning Masters Student at University of Waterloo. I’m interested in generative models, anomaly detection, and machine learning safety.

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