The Highline Life 🌆

Suspended on a skyway, we live amongst the trees and flowers. Walking from Hudson Yards to Meatpacking, one could pass the hours. To the passerby and the unknowing eye, the son of privilege am I.

But I came from the backwoods and I’m damn proud of my roots. Southeast Georgia is where I spent my youth. I had humble beginnings in a double-wide trailer. Hello, nice to meet you; my name is Taylor.

For 35 years, my father worked for the Man. He walked away with pride and the skills of his hands. He’s an engineer, a builder, and a rock n’ roller without compare. Kick, snare, and guitar chords mixed with the sound of cicadas in the Southern night air.

My mother, a teacher, lifted folks up in our community. Hers was a hope that all could join together in unity. If just one could make it, then it was worth it, she believed. Well, Ma, we made it; thanks to you, you see.

From the swampland to the Northland my journey has taken me. I traded pine cones and pecans for visions of who I might be. Life beyond home ain’t always pancakes and quilts. However, life is a flower that you must seize before it wilts.

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