A Photographic Retreat

Bellingham is becoming increasingly famous due to its beautiful views and clean air. Bellingham is a popular spot for photographer’s year-around with its icy winters and warm summers. One place that every photographer in Bellingham should recognize is Boulevard Park.

My first Bellingham sunset.

Boulevard Park is located south of Downtown Bellingham and a little north of Old Fairhaven. The park has beautiful views of Bellingham Bay, Lummi Island, The San Juan Islands, and huge mountain ranges in British Columbia. The park itself attracts many people from various backgrounds, which can be a plus for photographers. To reach the park, you have to drive across train tracks; the tracks are a place for the local high school’s senior photos. The park actual park is similar to most parks. It has a grassy area with trees and benches. There is is a paved pathway that winds through the estate. There is usually an abundance of families hanging out and bonding. One of the most popular things about the park is the boardwalk connecting to Downtown Fairhaven.

The boardwalk to Fairhaven at sunset with Lummi Island and The San Juans in the distance.

The soft sound of the waves hitting the shore and Bellingham’s beautiful sunsets are the perfect back drop to a relaxing day. Boulevard Park is a place where I truly feel at home, and I think you would feel the same way. The atmosphere of the park helps me fall into my own world.

What I believe to be the park’s biggest downfall is its lack of parking. More times than not, I am looping around and around the parking lot trying to find a spot for an average of 20 minutes. When the weather is above 50 degrees, you can count on not being able to find a spot. I can only imagine what the summer is like. Finding a spot takes a lot of patience and luck, and I have neither. If you are stuck looking for parking for a long time, you are usually left in a bad mood by the time you are out of your car and you cannot enjoy the park as much as you usually would. Ignoring the lack of parking, the park is still a beautiful place to visit. I would recommend taking public transportation or carpooling to reduce stress. The park is constantly full of people, and depending on what you want to photograph, this could be disruptive and it could take away from your photography. These are both small things, though, and I feel that the park itself makes up for these things.

Despite its terrible parking lot and heavy population, Boulevard Park is the perfect place to visit and photograph planet Earth. It is a place where I feel at home, and could also become a place that feels like home to you too. I would recommend Boulevard Park to anyone who is looking for a new place to visit and photograph.