The true litmus test to determine if you are living on purpose in your love life.

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I recently found myself listening to Billboard hit If The World Was Ending on a mere fluke. Tired of the flipping channels on my weekly COVID shopping escape, it stuck. I was pleasantly surprised at how thought-provoking its lyrics were.

Upon hearing the words, “If the world was ending, you’d come over….” I paused. The lyrics spoke in a definite depth. As with all forms of art, they touch those that need to receive the message, while meaning absolutely nothing to listeners not ready or needing to receive it.

I’m sure that this song has invoked a flood of emotions…

Realizing that home is not a structure, but rather memories and lessons carried within.

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As an adult, one of the scariest feelings I’ve ever felt has been wanting to go home. The home I refer to was my childhood home. A home, that was imperfect, but perfect for me. The place and the people that shaped me into who I am.

I could go back to the physical place, but home is not what it was. The concept of home has become a frustrating conglomeration of desires to go to a place for safety and a realization that home is within me.

Home is who I have become because of the memories my parents…

A comical look at the tales told during modern dating by both men and women.

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The tools of modern dating are endless. So too are the challenges they present. The Business Insider suggests that nearly two-thirds of singles use online dating during their search for love. They also cite that the primary communication method for relationships is text messages. While useful, both of these tools are often abused and lead to some uncomfortable and sometimes comical scenarios.

1. Are my eyes deceiving me or was that the purpose of your whole profile?

Female Grievance One: Male profiles designating six feet and up as their height.

This has to be one of the most disappointing tales ever told online.

After days, sometimes weeks of chatting online, the crescendo of emotions surround…

A true play by play of a mom founding a tech startup

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I recently shared the week in the life of me, a tech app founder and serial entrepreneur, and mom of four under five. Yes, I accept prayers AND well wishes. Upon sharing the day to day breakdown of a random week in my life pre-pandemic there were responses of disbelief. If you thought that was something, take a look at my post-COVID-19 experience.

The week before my children’s school closed for Spring break we received the news that their school would be canceled for an additional week. …

You may not be able to go into work, but your opportunity to find love is more open now than ever.

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On my way to the grocery store this morning it felt surreal to see how desolate the city seemed. Of course, I knew streets would not be busy and stores closed, but it wasn’t the same as experiencing it first hand.

Target had a large sign on it’s red-bordered doors: “We are open under special operating hours”. Whole Foods doors used similar language: “Until further notice, ALL Whole Foods will be open under special operating hours”.

Even after I processed the “new normal”, it didn’t alter the fact that the once-bustling, neighborhood Starbuck’s boarded doors seemed surreal. As I looked…

Use this time to find your match — the love of your life is online right now, just like you

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As a matchmaker, one of my biggest rules is that I never match friends. Too sticky icky for my liking. The quarantine has reconnected me with many of my single friends this past week. I’ve given all of them the same nugget of advice: “Find the love of your life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic”. Before you laugh — read on.

There are major benefits to dating during this “pre-apocalyptic” time. Such an unusual time may not take place again during your lifetime so take advantage. The advantages far outweigh any negatives.

1. Everyone is home

Have you ever matched with someone on a dating…

Life is a winding road and we all eventually get there if we wait.

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As a little girl, I grew up knowing I wanted to be two things: a lawyer and a mommy. My daydreams were filled with pictures of me greeting my children at the front door each evening, briefcase in hand, and many hugs to give. Growing up as an only child, I knew that one child would not do it for me. I wanted a Thanksgiving table full of my children, my sons and daughters-in-law, and beautiful grandchildren. Such daydreams still give me chills.

I fully expected to have the romantic story of missing a period, taking a test, and planning…

The true play by play of the life of a mom founding a tech startup

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Spend time with the kids. Get in a few emails. Spend more time with the kids because I am guilt-ridden that I will soon be leaving — again.

I find the flight that leaves the latest possible time for my Tuesday work obligation. I click accept on my 10 pm flight from IAD to LGA.


Work all day on proposals, presentations, slides, and reframing a pitch. I blink and the day is over. Get the kids home, feed, bathe and dress them for bed. Hand them off to my husband. Struggle to get out of the door as various two…

The art of not settling until you strike real gold.

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Just because one aspect of someone’s life is shinier than yours doesn’t mean that you should take the dinger parts of theirs and claim them too. The way that the cost-benefit analysis works out is — it doesn’t. We all want and deserve the whole package. Sometimes when looking for a partner we see something we’ve always WANTED and DESIRED. These wants and desires are usually born from areas of lack within our personal stories. When these wants and desires are seen in another, we pretend as if all the…

A quick guide to making the most of your early years

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The advice surrounding navigating womanhood in the early years is one of the most ill-advised and underwritten topics. Yet, maneuvering this paramount time in a woman’s life is critical to her success. The rules encompassing who a young woman should and should not be often change with the frequency of the wind, depending on with whom she speaks. The teen years through the twenties may be the most confusing times any woman will face.

Having myself, suffered through the execution of some ill advice, I’ve condensed the most important lessons I believe women should know in just six simple rules.

1. Don’t live for partners

Taylor Francois Bodine

Matchmaker & Date Coach, Personal Trainer, & Mrs. Maryland United States 2019. Contact me @; web:

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