If only Warren Haynes showed up , he would’ve…

Been straight grooving in the crowd. Damn that was refreshing.

Scott Metzger, Joe Russo, Avi Bortnick, and Andy Hess = Hola!

(The Band You Wish You Saw Last Night…ok, understandable if you were Raging Rocks instead.)

The only way I could describe this show is with a little help from my friend Phil Collins:

Jams. Jams. Jams.

I’d describe it further, but you should just go see them (or listen to the soundboard here).

The only downer of the night was that for the city-scape camouflaged venue, Nublu, my first experience might be my last, as they are soon to be closing the 63 C location.

While the irony of closing with a band who calls themselves Hola! struck me as I stumbled onto the rainy sidewalk, I could only be so glad that I got to say “hello.”

As my friend Diego exclaimed “This is the most enjoyment I’ve gotten from any jam band.”*

*Diego is not a Phish fan to say the least.

Here’s a short clip I found on the YouTubes

Why the Title?

Knowing Andy Hess’ association with Warren’s band Gov’ Mule + Haynes’ uncanny ability to hyper-speed transport venue-to-venue to jam out with friends during Jazzfest 👈🏻 remember…that’s in a city with a slower-than-time-itself transportation system 👉🏻 I was hoping he’d show up to play a bit — but no way could he have interrupted the groove they had goin’.

Peace 🤙🏻