What Time Should I Workout?

There are two easy questions you need to ask yourself in order to find out the best time of the day to workout:

  1. What time are you available to workout?
  2. What time do you actually enjoy going to workout?

There you go, you just found the best personalized time to workout.

If the only time of day you can workout is 6am, then 6am is the best time for you to go workout. If you can only workout when you get off of work at 5pm then go to the gym right after work and get your workout. If you can only make it to the gym for 30 minute during your lunch break then perfect! Do that.

People often overanalyze what time they should and shouldn’t be going to the gym, when the most important factor of your workout routine is actually getting to the gym. You could have the best workout plan in the entire world, but that plan is not going to be effective if you are too busy sitting on your couch at home.

On the flip side you also need to be consistent with getting to the gym. You could have the worst workout plan in the world, but if the plan done consistently is better than a superior program done inconsistently. Therefore picking a time during the day that you are able to make multiple days throughout the week would be the perfect time for you to workout.

I have had times during college where I would get up and workout at 6am every single weekday. I have also had times while working where I knew I couldn’t force myself to get up early so I would head to the gym at 8–9pm after dinner to workout. This shows that my “perfect” time to workout has changed throughout the years, but the important thing is I realized my schedule was ever-changing and modified my workout schedule accordingly.

As stated above, just find a time where you can make it to the gym and a time you enjoy going to the gym and you’ll find it will be easy to establish a consistent workout schedule without overthinking it.