Crafting with Others

Hey Y’all

Just to get some quick introductions out of the way my name is Neville and in lay mans terms I’m just your average 25 year old millennial with some big city dreams.

After a year of planning and saving I pulled the trigger on the scariest, most exciting thing I’ve ever done…I moved 1,092 miles away from my life in Tallahassee, Florida with nothing but a back pack and suit case (again just your average millennial doing his thing). Outside the hype of moving and being in a new place, I know I have an itch to continue to create something outside of my “career.”

When people ask me what I do for a living I tell them “I build internet, but also music.” I enjoy technology and it’s my greatest passion, but my creativity lies in music. I’ve worked in the IT field for 6 years now and grew up being a nerd, still very much am. Then there’s music, an outlet that has brought out interesting expression.

For a better part of my college life I was a comedic rapper known as “the flossman” a dental student turned king pin who raps…again interesting expression, but it was the process of creating this secondary persona that made me realize how much I enjoyed creating with those who share the same passion.

What started out as the butt end of a joke between a coworker and I years ago birthed the “iconic” underground SoundCloud rapper. With the help of my friend Brian (aka Ghostchild) we made something so idiotic and crazy over the next 4 years. Brian eventually moved on to pursue his own dreams of producing music and doing standup comedy.

In 2016 some of my dearest friends and I started an Indie Rock band with an expiration date called Jaymison. The band symbolized post college adults specializing in transient dreams, emotional heartbreaks, and cheap beer. For a better part of a year we played bar gigs, recorded an album, and played on the radio. We made some pretty swooning tunes.

These experiences made me realize how much I truly enjoy creating with others, I think it’s the experience that I get out of it that I love. It’s the journey you share with others in creating your product.

So being in a new world trying to ground myself between my technology and music I find myself with a drive to create something for myself, a product to share with my people. For months prior to the move as the band ended and we were all preparing to move onto our next chapters I started thinking about how can I create individually. What’s next? How can I take the outlets that I know and simply create by myself until I find my next team? Should I try something with technology? Tech x YouTube? A blog?

Between the off season of collaborating with others I tried solo projects. After frustration and multiple attempts I realized I enjoyed creating with my power teams. That’s not to say I can’t or won’t create by myself, I just haven’t found it yet. Maybe this is why I’m writing. I’ve found a way to simply feed the hunger and express my thoughts in some medium (puns).

Thanks for reading some of my brain. I’ve been a long time reader, first time poster. Until next time 🤘

Peace n Blessings


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