Why You Should Root for Dak Prescott

In his first two NFL games, Dak Prescott has been impressive. Displaying his athleticism, natural maturity and poise, Prescott has shown he can play at the professional level. He set an NFL record for most passes without an interception in a player’s first two games (75), previously held by hall-of-famer Warren Moon. He led the Cowboys to their first victory of the season Sunday afternoon against a tough Redskins team on their own turf. Prescott shows early signs of a being a promising QB and a true leader on the field of professional football. But there is more to Dak Prescott than the player he is on the field, and even more reason to root for the rookie from Mississippi State.

With a name like Rayne Dakota “Dak” Prescott, who wouldn’t want to be on that guy’s side? The name sounds like it could be that of a main character in an overly-hyped action movie starring Tom Cruise. Dak Prescott’s name is awesome and you have to respect that. There is, however, even more reason to root for the kid.

Dak was raised by his single mother, Peggy, who taught him by example the value of hard work and discipline from a young age. He was extremely close with his mother, sharing a room with her until he left for college after being recruited by Dan Mullen, head coach at Mississippi State. While at Miss. State, Prescott broke nearly every record that you can imagine; most notably becoming the school’s leader in touchdowns, total yards, and wins. Dak won plenty of games while at Mississippi State, but there was something that he lost during that time as well. In the fall of 2013, his mother Peggy passed away after a hard-fought battle with colon cancer. Trying to turn to football as his escape from the pain and grief, Prescott was sidelined with a shoulder injury in his first game following his mother’s death. Now without the two things he loved most, he could have given up, broken down, or collapsed beneath the misfortune that had been placed on his shoulders. But he didn’t.

Fast-forward to nearly three years later. Dak Prescott is the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He has notched his first win in the National Football League while playing the league’s most difficult and challenging position. Prescott wears the number 4 in honor of his mother’s birthday, and wears a bracelet with the inscription “MOM” on it. Not only to honor his mother, but to also remember what she taught him from a young age: Mind Over Matter.

“ “I’m going to live the rest of my life dedicating it to my mom.. She’s the reason I am the way I am in every aspect of my life. Everything I do is for her.” — Dak Prescott

Rayne Dakota Prescott scored his first NFL touchdown Sunday after a 4-yard scramble. Instead of pounding his chest, mocking the Washington crowd, or hitting the whip or nae-nae, in a genuine and real manner he looked and pointed to the sky as if to say “this one’s for you ma”.

We all know that athletes aren’t perfect. They make mistakes just like we do. But some athletes deserve to be rooted for more than others. Dak Prescott is one of those guys that you need to root for; regardless of your favorite team or whether or not you own him on your fantasy squad. He is a guy that plays the game with heart, purpose and determination. I hope that I get to watch him play for a very long time. However long that ends up being, no matter where he goes or who he plays for, I will be rooting for Dak Prescott, and you should be too.