Is 2016 really going to be “the year” of Virtual Reality?
Alex Handy

Hey Alex,

Thank you for compiling this information on VR. I enjoyed reading through it to gain a much greater perspective on this emerging technology.

Coming from a sports perspective, I have been very interested in VR’s emergence on the sports scene in the last few years. I recently had the opportunity to try on a Samsung VR headset at CES in Las Vegas and watch a NextVR live broadcast of an NBA game. Before trying this experience I had heard a ton of hype about the great new perspectives that a viewer could get on a sports game. But when I tried the VR view I found it fuzzy and not a clear image, even though I was in “sitting” court side at an NBA game. I was informed by a NextVR team member that their feed is capable of achieving 6K resolution while the Samsung phone that was in the headset can only achieve 1K resolution at this time. Is this lag seen in other areas of the VR market? If so, any insights on when mobile tech will catch up? Because I see that as a major factor in the proliferation of VR: people will try it out after hearing the hype and expect a similar experience to seeing HD television for the first time and will be disapppointed.

Additionally, I totally agree with Jonny Ive that it will be tough to get mass markets to want to wear this type of gadget on their faces. It’s one thing to get a smartphone in someone’s hand, but an entirely new challenge to get them to wear this type of headset. And this headset certainly limits VR to sitting activities in my opinion. There will be no “on the go” element to it like there is with smartphones…that being said, maybe it’s wrong to compare VR to smartphones but that seems to be the only other item in the last decade or so to even put in this type of consumer product category I believe due to its potential to change how we consume content.

Curious about your thoughts on all of this. Ultimately, having tried VR, I see the potential but don’t think 2016 is the year it makes a huge market impact because the headsets are still too clunky and the imagery isn’t advanced enough yet (at least in my experience).

Thanks again for putting this together.


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