“Ugh, the library? Why would anyone still go there?”

The place I am reviewing today is the library at Western Washington University. Even if you do not know where that is, I am sure that reading this review may make you think of a place that you have been to.

Getting There

Walking up to the second floor of the library passing the totem pole, strolling past people furiously typing away at computers, I make my way to the wooden desks that overlook red square. Slumping down into a slightly uncomfortable wood chair and lazily taking out my work in order to finish the task at hand. I take a second to settle myself into my chosen spot and look around. Noticing upon arrival how it smells musty and like an old broom closet that is in desperate need of an open window to bring in a fresh breeze. I become aware of the questionable color choices of whoever approved the intense green chairs that are directly in front of me.

The chairs that certainly add color to the room.

No matter how questionable the chair choices may be, they seem to add color to a room that normally is thought of as boring. If you look to the wall you will find a painting that is probably an abstract piece, but inspires you to put creativity into your work. Although it might not be the first scent you would like to subject yourself to for the next hour or so a contentment surrounds you, the smell of the old dusty books sitting upon shelves.

Why should you trust me?

As a first-year student sitting in a library full of people who are all trying to finish the next assignment to pass each class, I pick this spot every time because it offers a great study environment, while also being a good place to take a study break and observe the interactions happening down in red square. Every once in a while you can see a skateboarder trying to learn a new trick without success on the red bricks that cover the ground outside. The purpose of this room is to provide a quiet space to accomplish the homework of the day, which might be a little hard when there are windows letting the warm rays of sun seep into the room. Ultimately though it is a perfectly quiet area to get you in the right mind set for studying.

Why is this place so special?

After a while of taking in my surroundings, it is easier to focus on my laptop that sits in front of me reminding me of my assignments that need to be taken care of. The only things to be heard is the mindless clicking of other students’ computer keys, pencils squeaking out answers to homework problems, and the occasional conversation between some friends. This space is the perfect study space, mostly quiet and has almost every resource you would be wishing for. Ranging from outlets to plug in the computer that is on the brink of dying at the one moment it is needed, printers for when the rubric for the assignment is accidentally left in the dorm room and trekking back up a huge hill is the last thing that anyone wants to do, and a space were everyone has the common goal of finishing their work. Sitting in this part of the library makes me feel immersed in the university experience, studying among fellow pupils where everyone can feel accepted.

As a whole

As a whole I do think that this nice small corner of the library is a perfect place to accomplish the studying of the day. Even knowing the flaws clearly present with the room, like the ridiculously colored chairs, they give the room character in order to spark the creativity needed for work. This little quirky spot near the back of the library ropes in the attention to the people who happens to stumble by it, starting with the god awful green chairs and sticks with them by giving a comforting feeling.

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