First Impressions Count: How Professional is Your Test Kit?

Did you know it only takes an average of seven seconds to form a first impression? That first impression you make with a customer or prospect can often set the stage for a long-term, or what might end up being a short-term, relationship. We are usually careful about our personal appearance — what we wear and how we are groomed — but what does your field testing equipment say about you?

Walking on site with your testing equipment in a shopping bag or cardboard box does not paint a picture of professionalism. Although using a field case would certainly be a step up, if that case is showing signs of wear and tear, like the popular aluminum cases quickly do, that’s not going to help your image.

How about what’s inside that case? First, take a look at your reagents. Do they have clean, readable labels on them, or are the labels worn or even missing? I have seen reagents with no labels and their names written on the bottles with permanent markers. What do your sample bottles look like? Are they old and stained? What could these visual images say to your customers and prospects? Are you projecting the professionalism they are paying for?

We are all busy these days, but it’s important to take time to look at what you carry into your accounts. Your tools should match the professionalism you want to portray. After all, that field kit could be one of the first things they notice about you.