Is there a genre of music in the last decade more polarizing than mumble rap? Defined by its lack of lyrical quality, mumble rap has grown to dominate the hip-hop scene and has made its way from the Soundcloud sub-basement to the mainstream. Like most other popular media, mumble rap…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


I like writing poetry. It started with hip-hop in high school and has gradually grown to be a serious hobby of mine as an adult. Since I haven’t received any formal writing training, I developed a personal learning curriculum which has been crucial in my development. …

On the drive home from Woodstock after watching Bong Joo-ho’s “Parasite” last night, my fiancé and I struggled to find common ground to agree on what the film meant. At the core of our disagreement was the metaphor of the rock given to the protag early on, and the fundamental…

Taylor John Bruck

Archivist by trade, historian by appointment, poet by design, rapper by mistake. Find more at

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