Our Beliefs Are Holding Us Back

The Glue That Hinders Potential

Taylor J Wallace
Mar 19, 2018 · 4 min read

At some point we need to consider that our beliefs are not only imagined but merely mental structures of past experiences that they might be hindering our forward progress, imagination and sense of presence.

Our attachment to the past inhibits our ability to objectively position ourselves to make critical decisions and/or responses to obstacles that come our way and further to enjoy and engage the simple delights that life comes to offer.

Our beliefs and belief systems are one of our most sacred and guarded attributes. They give us the comport and security we need to manage and make sense of daily live without the need to critically think and evaluate. Beliefs enable us to go on auto-pilot. BUT they are also bound of imagination and bootstrap our curiosity.

They shield us off from potential, from opportunity and from our ability to empathize with otters outside of the limited set we’ve trusted in to create our self-identity.

We ought to regularly reconsider or reevaluate our beliefs, their origins, purpose and applications in every day life. If they cannot stand up to our own scrutiny or that of objectivity, maybe they’re better served as thoughts and ideas rather than principles and ideals… if of anything at all.

Their influences and ability to shape our perception of the past and present, in creating the narrative we’ll ultimately live our future through and of cannot be overstated.

If we are to have any control in hiding our direction or that of other and the universe at large, it starts there. It’s starts with some form of regularly reevaluating what we’ve chosen to identify with and attach ourselves to and of, continuously challenging our level of self-awareness and ability to empathize at the edges of our imagination, the edges of the limitations we’ve imposed upon ourselves.

There’s an incredible world of energy and possibility unfolding right now that is just outside of the realm of what we know, what we;re comfortable with and what we believe in.

It’s up to us if we want to reach out and follow curiosity.

Raw Thoughts From My Mind To Yours…

“Success is not indicative of optimal strategy. Optimal strategies can fail, just as sub-optimal or pure luck can succeed.”


To be the 1% you’ve got to do things that 99% of others can’t or more importantly won’t. Stand out, be crazy, be interesting by being interested in yourself, your surroundings and more so in those of others… Because life’s too short to be average.


My challenge to others, to you, to myself even is this: you can’t, you won’t, you not only don’t have it in you but you don’t care enough to put the time, energy and effort in now for something you know is worthwhile tomorrow. And I dare you to challenge me on it.

“You’re gonna hate every second of it, start to finish, but when you’re done you’re going to FKN love it.” — Life.


That guy… FK was he crazy. But he was on to something, something no one else seems to grasp or understand. He was so curious, so detached, even from his beliefs, and he just went for it, went out of his way to search for it. Whatever it was. And I don’t know if he ever found it but he sure tried, and that’s what drove him. It was the journey. There never was an end or an outcome and that where he had everyone fooled. We all that he was drifting around, falling behind and confused but he wasn’t even running the same race, wasn’t even playing the same game, he was just for lack of a better word: living.

“There are reasons and then there are better reasons. Be better.”


After all the battles have been fought, all the obstacles conquered, all the wounds and scars that have shaped and sculpted our physical and mental form as we exist today, we are left with and as simply: our best self.

Getting to and becoming of is not easy. It requires a lifetime of patience, persistence, self-awareness and a virtuously perceptive response to the obstacles that befall is along the way. Our greatest challenges, our greatest opportunities.

For all that we cannot control in the world and throughout our life, of what we can — our reactions, responses and perceptions — we ought to do so with dignity, grace and vigor.

We choose how we perceive the world, how we spend our time, energy and attention and with whom we share it with. Our choice is our contribution and the future is ours to shape and mold as we see fit. Let us see it through the lenses of clarity and purpose for ourselves and others, rather than of the eyes and ears of those that distract and detract.

Taylor J Wallace

Written by

Thoughts and words. My curious experiment in designing a life worth living and passionately killing it, one beautiful moment at a time.

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