suicide and how my family found out my brother was a heroin addict

The night before spring break I was in bed, it was around 9:30 and I heard my dad talking to someone outside in the driveway. He came in a few minutes later and started talking to my mom then went in the garage to get his keys. I went into my moms room and asked her what was going on and she told me my brother had gotten into a car accident, so I asked if he was okay and she said he was in the hospital. I got changed and after went to the kitchen where I saw my dad, my brothers girlfriend (Sidney) and his son. My dad had went to pick them up from their house down the street since the car was a wreck. At this point no one knew what had happened except my dad (I found out he knew later on). Us three went to the hospital while my mom stayed home with the baby. We were near the exit to the hospital and I told my dad “he must’ve been drinking or something because he’s a good driver” and he then told me that he overdosed on heroin.

We arrived at the hospital almost at 10pm and my dad went to see him first to see what condition he was in because if it was bad he didn’t want us to see. Sidney and I went back shortly after and he was lying on the bed with a few cuts and bruises with glass all over his head and in his hair. We were in the ER waiting for a room to be available in the ICU for him until 2:30am. During those hours doctors were doing tests to make sure he had no serious damage to his brain or neck. When a room was available we followed the nurse as he took him to it and were told to wait in the waiting room until he got my brother situated in the room. We waited until almost 4:30am until my dad went out and tried to find his room. We found out from another nurse that the other one forgot about us and told my brother no one was here to see him. When we finally got to his room he was asleep so we stayed for a few minutes and then went home. I got up at 6:30am to go to school so I could get all of my work and ended up leaving early

My cousin (Sean) picked me up and we went to the hospital to see my brother. My aunt was there and a doctor was asking him questions about himself and family. That day I found out a lot. Sean wasn’t feeling well and kept throwing up in the bathroom so he left for a bit. At this point my brother was awake, but very drowsy and irritable. They gave him medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms. He was anxious to leave, that’s all he wanted to do and was eventually allowed to later on that evening. But for the car, it was totaled. He swerved to the other side of the road, hit telephone poles, signs, the guardrail and flipped over multiple times down a small steep ditch. When paramedics, ambulances, police and fire trucks arrived they found him on the ground on the passengers side because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. He had no heartbeat and wasn’t breathing, they had to give him narcan and revive him. There was only one other car out on the road, so if it wasn’t there he wouldn’t be here.

Saturday, the next day I was talking to my mom about going to nyc with Sean because we were supposed to go the Wednesday coming up. She told me we weren’t anymore because he was also an addict and his best friend told his grandma. That explains why he was so sick the day before; withdrawal.

Sunday was one of the few days that nothing new came up.

When my mom came home from work on Monday, she was on the phone with my aunt and when she got off I asked her what had happened and she told me my other aunt was in the hospital on life support. She had tried committing suicide by overdosing on Xanax and other antidepressants. My brother came to our house to get something and my mom told him, so he and I went to the hospital. My dad was out of town for work and my aunt called him when they all got to the hospital so he was already on his way there. We got there and saw everyone in the room and the ventilator pumping oxygen. Doctors were coming in and out giving her morphine and blood pressure medicine to keep it steady. Brain activity tests kept coming back negative for activity all night. The next day my dad, Sean and aunt were there all day (my aunt was their sister and Sean’s mom). My brother and I went up later that evening because my mom was told they were most likely taking her off life support that night. That day was also my brothers birthday who passed away when he was 18 months old so it was more hard on everyone.

At the hospital we all went to a conference room to talk about the decision my cousin was going to make since he was the oldest child. He decided to have the doctors do one more brain activity test, as it came back the same as the others he chose to take her off the ventilator so she could be at peace. It happened about almost 2 hours after that. Friends and more family were coming in and out of the room saying their goodbyes. When it was time my dad, my other aunt, cousin, brother, my cousins grandma, my other aunts close friend and myself were all in the room. It was silent as the doctors and nurses were unplugging cords and when the ventilator turned off it was tears.

I had to leave the room as it was too much for me considering I’ve never witnessed that before. I came back a few minutes later and her face was yellow and she was cold. I didn’t know who to react I was in shock seeing that. I was standing near the window as my aunt and dad were next to her holding her hands. My heart was pounding so fast and my hands were shaking so much. I left again and came back to say my goodbyes for the last time and then went to the room where all of our friends and family were waiting for us. My cousin, Sean, went back in last to say his goodbyes and then told the doctors we were all done. He called the funeral home and made sure everything was set. Everyone said goodbye to each other and we all went home