The Future Is Now Round Up for 7/13 — 7/19

Every Sunday I post a list of the links from the previous week that I don’t have time to write at length about, but are worth knowing about.

Who will buy SmartThings?
The IoT has not yet had it’s platform moment. Which means, the infrastructure to bring forth the promise of the IoT is not yet in place. Whoever controls this infrastructure will wield a considerable amount of power over how the next billion devices get connected to the internet, so everyone wants a piece of it. Samsung was burnt by their reliance on Google in the mobile wars, and a play for SmartThings (if it goes through) would seem to be an attempt to ensure they have more control over their fate in the IoT war. I predict though that Google, et al, won’t let Samsung go to SmartThings without a competition.

What is Amazon up to?
The Amazon Fire phone, specifically Firefly, is proof that Amazon understands that the way that people interact with the analog world via their digital devices is changing. And this change equates to reducing the barriers between Amazon and their customers. Hiring Babak Parviz is a savy move that instantly makes them a threat in the wearables race. What ARE they working on?