The evolution of word-of-mouth marketing

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Can you tell these sheep apart?

No, neither can I. After all, they’re just sheep.

Sheep 1 only wears Everlane and other likewise ethically sourced, undyed, natural burlap-sack fiber garments. Sheep 2 prefers having a bursting-at-the-seams closet full of fun, bright, polyester Fashion Nova and Forever 21.

Sheep 3 buys a plastic bottle of Coca-Cola every single day during their lunch break, and scoffs at “Is Pepsi OK?” Sheep 4 drinks water from a Nalgene bottle and gifts Nalgene bottles as Christmas presents.

How about now? Can you tell me anything about the personality traits of these sheep?

No, neither…

The Marketing Detective Answers

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In this new Marketing Detective publication, I will be answering Marketing and Community Strategy questions from my Medium readers, as well as members from my favorite online communities.

Today Marcy from the Girlboss Community would like to know about

the best channels to get insight on popular digital marketing trends or anything that might be ~predictive~ trends!

My two cents:

Hi Marcy,

This is a great question! An important part of being a marketer or business owner is keeping up with what’s hot and upcoming in the digital space and also for your industry.

My two favorite marketing blogs are Hubspot (for integrated marketing best practices) and Later App (for all things social).

For your specific industry, I would recommend setting up either a Feedly account or Google Alerts, with keywords…

The evolution of how we buy, sell, and make clothing

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A huge topic facing the fashion industry right now is sustainability. The discussion surrounds the very unsustainable nature of creating fashion garments out of synthetic and plastic fibers, that are used a few times, and then often thrown into the trash.

2019’s Earth Overshoot Day was July 29. Meaning us humans consumed all of the natural resources the Earth generates annually in half of that time. We are using these resources twice as fast as the Earth can regenerate them.

The Sharing Economy has disrupted many industries, including transportation, office spaces, tourism, financial lending, freelancing, and now fashion.

Without the…

Here’s how to score your next one-of-a-kind find

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Walking into a thrift store for the first time can be overwhelming, as there are so many racks with patterns, colors, and fabrics galore. If you can carefully sort through the items, you can find your next diamond in the rough. My personal claim to fame is a $300 Allsaints leather satchel that I found for $5 at my local San Francisco Goodwill.

In San Francisco I host personal shopping and styling experiences on Airbnb for both thrift newbies and diehards alike who want to choose used.

Keep reading for some of my top tips to make the most of…

The evolution of how we find, buy, curate, and style clothing

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Last time, we discussed the sharing economy and how it will continue to impact the fashion industry in our distant future. Check that out here:

Let’s keep our futuristic discussions rolling with an overview of machine learning’s effects on our fashion purchase decisions.

Predictive Search

Have you ever used Google? Odds are that you have, unless you are strictly in the Bing fan club.

If you have ever searched something on Google, you’ve probably seen their predictive search technology in action. …

The good, the forgotten, and the most random searches of the 2010s

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2019 is not quite over yet! While we are still in 2019, let me take you on a quick tour of the hottest pop culture Google searches of the decade.

Trends may come and go, but Google will never forget. I will recap the good (things I can look back on fondly), the forgotten (things I genuinely forgot about), and the random (things that make me question my very existence).

In case you missed it, the last time I explored how the digital marketing landscape has changed immensely in just a decade. …

Comparing 2010 to 2019 trends to prepare for the new decade

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Here’s a fun fact: My dad was also a marketing manager before I was born. He worked for a retail company, and he was responsible for sending out their catalogs. He sorted through direct mailing addresses and US census data by hand. The year was 1993.

It’s 25 years later, and I am now a marketing manager. However, I probably don’t have any of the same processes or tools that my dad used in the ’90s. I can now digitally download a table of mailing addresses in seconds if I even choose to market via direct mail.

Long story short…

“The Last Supper” Original Watercolor Painting by Taylor Linn

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