Get bonus Metahash by delegating to the ZenSocialKarma Node!

It’s super easy to delegate your Metahash (MHC) coins to the ZenSocialKarma node server.

Here are the steps:

Step 1:

First, you have to install the METAGATE APP.
You can download it on the link provided:
(If you already have the app, skip this step)
The link for download is:

As the Founder and CEO of LINKCHAIN, I like to call our company’s ability to seek and secure the best of the best suppliers of goods and services at the best rates our “secret sauce.” As our team knows, this capability is absolutely critical to the survival of every business.

It makes sense that when sourcing suppliers, the platform and its capabilities is a key component in the process. The most popular sourcing platforms : LinkedIn, UpWork, and Fiverr. …

We are pleased to announce that Mauricio Ferreyra has joined the team as a Technical Advisor. Please click here to read the entire story.


LINKCHAIN, a blockchain-based supply chain management company, has partnered with regulatory compliance organization iComply Investor Services Inc. (Vancouver, BC) to perform KYC/AML and accredited investor screenings prior to LINKCHAIN’s upcoming crowdsale.

LINKCHAIN Chief Compliance Officer Jack Bensimon, a legal expert in blockchain/cryptocurrency, identified and recognizes the strengths iComply brings to the LINKCHAIN team. “LINKCHAIN is committed to being ahead of the curve on all aspects of the business. By working with iComply — one of the best regulatory compliance organizations in blockchain/cryptocurrency — we are demonstrating value to our investors and their security.”

LINKCHAIN has started its private sale, with pre-sale scheduled to begin October 11th and crowdsale November 11th.

We are very excited to announce that Don Chang has joined the LINKCHAIN team as a Technical Adviser.

Don is also an Advisor for the Edenchain project, which completed its ICO in May of 2018. Edenchain, widely considered to be one of the top infrastructure projects of 2018, is a next generation enterprise grade platform that allows companies to operate in a permissioned environment. This experience is highly valued by LINKCHAIN as they are building their platform on a permissioned environment very similar to that of the Edenchain platform.

In addition, Don has served as an Executive Vice President for…

I just received some exciting and surprising news directly from Adam from the co-founder of InvoxFinance. The company is now SEC compliant and can offer their crowdsale to US.

US Citizens have been left out of some of the best ICOs due to being excluded to avoid the stringent US regulations.

What is InvoxFinance?

InvoxFinance has been operating for over 7 years, and provides loans to businesses based on their invoices. A concept also known as factoring. They are now helping to usher a 3 trillion business industry onto the blockchain.

Recent News

InvoxFinance just signed an agreement with the Celsius Network, a lending platform…

Sometimes my articles are inspired by requests or current news events. Sometimes it is inspired by situations that I am experiencing personally. This is one of those articles.

The Benefits of Bounty Campaigns

Bounties and air drops are a great way to get the word out on your Token Offering (ICO). Its a great way to have thousands of people share with thousands of their other connections to drive traffic to your Telegram channel as well as your website. I have seen this formula work very well for many projects. However the ICO Bounty is just one ingredient that comprises as successful marketing campaign. …

First, let me start by saying that I love Warren Buffett. I have the utmost respect for his accomplishments as an investor, and as a person. This article is not meant as a slight to Mr. Buffet. The objective is just to lay out the facts as I see them… Now… On to the article.

You have probably heard “The Oracle of Wall Street” attempt to discredit Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general by making such statements as “Bitcoin is Not an Investment”, “Bitcoin is pure FOMO”, “Its a speculative game”.

I received a call a few days ago to provide…

In March of this year the Celsius Network successfully raised $50 million to reach 100% of their fundraising goal. This was very impressive, considering the cryptocurrency market was down over 50% from where it stood at the end of 2017. It was even more impressive considering other ICO’s were either postponing their crowdsale, or cancelling it altogether. So how did they do it? Like I always say, “money finds great projects”. They have a very simple yet powerful value proposition- a wallet app that allows you to take out a loan against your cryptocurrency.

Recently I had the opportunity to…

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