5 Reasons why LINKCHAIN Is The Best Platform For Your Sourcing Needs

As the Founder and CEO of LINKCHAIN, I like to call our company’s ability to seek and secure the best of the best suppliers of goods and services at the best rates our “secret sauce.” As our team knows, this capability is absolutely critical to the survival of every business.

It makes sense that when sourcing suppliers, the platform and its capabilities is a key component in the process. The most popular sourcing platforms : LinkedIn, UpWork, and Fiverr. There are a few smaller players but largely, it is these 3 that are used to either find suppliers or reach out to potential clients in need of one service or another.

While these platforms are the leaders in the freelancing and contracting space game, they have some significant deficiencies.

For contractors , the major issue is that fees are exorbitant — as high as 20%. Whether you’re a freelance graphic designer or an ASP developer, you’re spending a significant amount time searching for, applying for, and securing each project you land. You’re not getting paid for any of that. If you then lose 20% of your fees every time you are paid, your annual income is being “taxed” at a punishing rate.

For buyers, issues include being scammed — meaning a supplier that seems to meet all of your requirements either takes a down-payment and disappears, or at some point during project holds you hostage for a payment you don’t feel they deserve (by locking up websites or mission-critical documents, etc).

Solving these market deficiencies is where LINKCHAIN comes in.

LINKCHAIN is a new Supply Chain startup developing a hybrid blockchain platform that lets buyers and sellers transact business in a simple and secure fashion. LINKCHAIN provides a real-world solution by providing a low-cost, safe and secure environment in which both the buyer and the supplier can be sure that if each party satisfies their obligations, they will each receive what they agreed to.

LINKCHAIN was birthed in a bid to safely and effectively bridge the gap between Suppliers and Buyers while providing security and reducing the risk of scams to the barest minimum.

Ok, so in practical terms what makes LINKCHAIN the best option out there for your sourcing needs?

  1. Super Speed: On LINKCHAIN, Buyers will be able to quickly and safely search, find and award contracts to qualified, verified Suppliers. This will allow Buyers to mitigate risk as the Supplier’s work will be guaranteed, and the Buyer will have to sign off on the work before payment is released to the Supplier.
  2. Tremendous Time-savings: As I noted above, a Supplier using the conventional sourcing websites ends up wasting a huge amount of his or her time searching for and reaching out to potential clients — most of who do not need their services, or do not need them at that time. However with LINKCHAIN, suppliers save an enormous amount of time and effort by only searching for Buyers who are actively looking to source projects. This will eliminate fruitless ‘fishing’, and exploration expeditions.
  3. Fair Fees: One thing that occurs as suppliers try to offset high fees (like UpWork raking in as much as 20%) is that the supplier passes on some or all of this cost to the buyer. The supplier may also attempt to circumnavigate these fees altogether and ask the buyer to work with them outside of the platform (for example, by using PayPal to receive payments, etc). The major sourcing sites know this, and therefore restrict collaboration and communication methods, which only slows down projects and impedes successful outcomes. LINKCHAIN? A flat fee of 5%. Solved.
  4. Credible Connections: Before anyone can use the LINKCHAIN platform, they’re required to go through a verification process. This means that every user on the platform — supplier or buyer — has already been checked and confirmed, thus drastically reducing the risk of any form of scam.
  5. Proprietary Payments: Through the use of LINKCHAIN’s unique LNK token, payments on the platform are made via a secure 3rd-Party escrow service, which stringently follows a regulatory compliance. For example, “Bounty Hunters” will only receive tokens if they invest in the project themselves. The LINKCHAIN platform also provides real value to the blockchain space, crowdsale buyers, and end users.

Conclusion, if you are involved in the Supply Chain, either as a Buyer, or a Supplier, it will be more than worth your time to check out LINKCHAIN and what it can do for you!

For more information you can reach out to us here:

Email: ico@linkchain.supply

Website: https://linkchain.supply/