Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Black Leather Hoodie Jacket

Printed and created by Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts signifies to role-playing games with arrangements of crossover results. Disney Interactive Studios and Square Enix work together to bring an electrifying character playing game recognized as Kingdom Hearts. In the Kingdom Hearts video game series, Organization Xlll refers to 13 heartless characters called the Nobodies.

Kingdom Hearts Organization Xiii is a narrative of 35 ninja children, kidnapped from Earth and given a completely different form into soldiers. Only 13 amongst them lasted, and only one returned successfully to Earth 10 years after. The leader of the organization was Ansem the Wise, who headed experts across the world under his command. Xehanort was the chief expert leading Even, Dilan, Ienzo, Braig, and Aeleus. Ansem required to recollect ability of his lost retention and thus counted for commencing tests on the heart of a human. Nonetheless, at the same time he was aware of the phenomenal powers possessed by Xehanort and soon called for the closure of experiments due to worry of monstrous consequences.

Even though Ansem issued for the orders of closure, Xehanort and his men continued to defy his commands. It was because of their excessive thirst of knowledge that made them defy the orders and continue with the experiments. Ultimately, they were able to discover a new creature called “Heartless”. In process, Xehanort suffered and transformed from an ordinary human to one of the heartless creature. Once more heartless creatures were born, Ansem the Wise was expatriated to the Realm of Darkness.

The black coat is the hallmark of every heartless member from Organization 13, whether male or female. The black coat further include a hood with silver beaded pull strings and front zipper closure. However, the position of the zipper varies slightly from one member to another. Besides that they also wear black gloves, which has unknown length, as they get covered under the full sleeved leather coat. Some members have different looking coats, for instance Axel, who has tight sleeves around the wrist area. Upon closer inspection, it can be seen that the hems of every cloak has a slightly different look to it along with the shoulder pads. The difference is clearly visible in Xigbar and Demyx that have more pointed edges. Besides the original 13 characters, wearing the cloak, Xehanort’s Heartless, King Mickey, and Riku, who obtained from DiZ.

Kingdom Hearts Organization 13 Jacket is featured on every “heartless” male and female character related to Organization 13. The silver zipper pattern and beaded pull strings with hood is the hallmark of Organization Xiii Leather Coat. The logic behind it is that every member of the heartless clan must avoid corruption upon growing of their hearts. If you are looking for organization 13 coat for sale, look no further than Black Leather Jacket, your number one source of inspiration for making a style statement like no other. You can get yourself the attention you desire, once you order the coat online and provide size specifications.