Delete Your Tweets

Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed with Snapchat I am. Why? Because it’s immediate, exciting, and most importantly — ephemeral.

Ephemeral media is, to the less-informed, simply the notion of content that is impermanent. That is to say, it disappears over a period of time. But I’m sure you know that this is what Snapchat is all about by now.

I’ve been an avid Twitter user for years now, with a conglomerate of about 6 million followers across over 30 accounts in various educational and comedic niches.

And I’m starting to think I might erase it all.

Why do you add someone on Snapchat? Because you’re already friends with them, of course — but what about people you don’t know? Why are you adding them?

I’ve begun to realize that the intrigue and interest that I’m cultivating from my popularity on Snapchat can be attributed to other social media. As I’ve written before, Snapchat has no discovery tool to find new people — so all growth at this point necessitates some level of word of mouth marketing. The exciting thing about adding someone new on Snapchat is that there’s no real way of telling what they have to offer until you add them, watch, and see.

So then there’s Twitter. Why not have the same intrigue on Twitter? Why do I give people the chance (by seeing previous Tweets I’ve written) to reject me before even following me?

None of this is even touching on Mark Cubian philosophy regarding the need to useCyber Dust (and other ephemeral social tools) out of the need to protect oneself from possible future liabilities — but I’m not getting into that.

I’ve been discussing the concept of deleting all my Tweets for awhile now, and I’ve finally taken the leap and done it. My friends have called me an idiot because of the fact that I’m giving up the potential of future followers by deleting tweets of mine that have received retweets — but my problem is, that’s not who I am anymore. I want someone to care about who I am in the here and now.

I’ve deleted my Tweets, and the results will show in time. The most important thing to take into consideration is this: As supply of content goes down, demand of content goes up.

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