How He Loves

This medium is a little more sappy than the others that I’ve written, but the topic is important to me! The video that I wanted to touch on today, is a short documentary about a song called How He Loves. John Mark McMillian has been one of my favorite artists, even before religion was apart of my life. Though Christianity is the message of this video, I think it touches something much deeper that even non-religious people can relate with. That deeper thing being love. Love is such an abstract and undefined word. Every person has their own way of describing when and how they love.

About a year ago, I started going to church (which, at the time, I was agnostic). I had never attended church growing up and my parents never pushed anything, including religion, on me. They let me grow into who I wanted to become, which I’m super thankful for. As I started attending home church groups and services every week, I felt I was being thrown into a very unfamiliar and uncomfortable setting. I wasn’t used to hanging out with people that often, having deep conversations about life and religion. I wasn’t used to people going out of their way to insert themselves into my life so positively. I just wasn’t used to the love that was basically pouring out of that church and those people.

During this time, my definition and explanation of love completely changed. The meaning and direction of my life changed as well. I realized life was about more than just material possessions, being rich or looking cool. I realized that life was more about love. Putting yourself below your neighbor, that stranger on the street, classmate that needs help, or family member. Strong, deep rooted relationships sprout from love, and I think those are what truly matters in life, regardless of religious beliefs.

“The love that I’m singing about in that song is really not a pretty clean or a Hollywood hot pink love. It’s the kind of love that is willing to love things that are kind of messy. Willing to love the difficult and sort of gross things.”

I love the quote above, because it touches on the difficulty of loving people. Some people we just flat out do not like, usually because of flaws they have that we disagree with. But truly loving other people is seeing those flaws and identify with them. Being able to see that you could easily have the same ones, given different circumstances. Loving in that way, is very freaking challenging. But it’s something that I try to remind myself to do every day. If you are Christian, you love like this because that’s how Jesus loved you. If you’re not, you love like this because hate and negative energy are a lot more exhausting to hold onto than love. And from that, a ripple can begin. By loving others in an unconditional way, it will show them how to do the exact same thing.

This concept could truly change the world if we let it.

Another song about love & forgiveness that that rocks:

When I look into the face of my enemy, I see my brother, 
I see my brother.
Forgiveness is the garment of our courage, 
the power to make the peace we long to know.
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