Cashier 8.0 Webhook Improvements

Taylor Otwell
Oct 29, 2018 · 1 min read

Last week we tagged version 8.0.0 of Laravel Cashier. This release should not contain any breaking changes from the 7.0 series of Cashier; however, thanks to a community contribution, the release does add automatic support for more Stripe webhooks.

The following webhooks are now automatically handled by Cashier unless you override the corresponding webhook controller methods:


If the default card on the customer is changed in the Stripe dashboard, the customer information stored in your application’s database will automatically be updated.


If the plan, quantity, or trial ending date is updated on the Stripe dashboard, this information will automatically be updated in your application’s database.


If the customer’s payment source is deleted in the Stripe dashboard, the source information will be set to NULL in your application’s database.


If the customer is deleted from the Stripe dashboard, their subscriptions will be cancelled and their Stripe information will be removed from your database.

These changes augment Cashier’s automatic webhook handling with some great new features that make it even easier to build subscription billing systems with Laravel+ Stripe.

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