Envoyer: Import Forge Servers

Taylor Otwell

Many people pair the convenient server provisioning of Forge with the zero-downtime deployment magic provided by Envoyer. Previously, when adding Forge servers to your Envoyer project, you needed to copy over the server name, IP address, deployment path, PHP version, and more. Then, once added, you needed to go back to Forge and add Envoyer’s SSH key to the server.

Today, I’m excited to announce that you will never have to do that again! You can now link your Forge API token to Envoyer in your user profile:

Link your Forge API token to Envoyer

Then, on your project’s “Servers” tab, you can click the “Import Forge Server” button. Envoyer will present you with a list of Forge server’s and their associated sites. Once imported, Envoyer will automatically add the necessary SSH key to the selected server using Forge’s API. It couldn’t be easier:

Click “Import Forge Server”
Select the server & site

This new addition makes it much easier to add your Forge servers to your Envoyer projects. We hope you enjoy it.

If you don’t have an Envoyer account, now is a great time to sign up. Envoyer allows you to deploy your applications with absolutely zero downtime to multiple servers. Give it a shot today!

Taylor Otwell

Written by

Creator of Laravel.

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