Envoyer: Upgrading Your Bitbucket Integration

Beginning today, Envoyer supports Bitbucket’s ugpraded webhooks, which provide more information about commits and solve some annoying problems such as duplicate deploys when pushing merge commits.

To upgrade your Bitbucket integration, refresh your Bitbucket OAuth tokens by visiting your account profile’s “Integrations” tab and clicking the “Refresh Bitbucket Token” button:

Next, navigate to the project settings of any projects you have configured to automatically deploy when fresh code is pushed to your repositories. Uncheck the “Deploy When Code Is Pushed” checkbox and save your settings. Then, simply re-enable this option and save your settings once more. This will ensure the webhook attached to your repository is created using Bitbucket’s upgraded API:

That’s it!

If you haven’t tried Envoyer, it’s a simple, straight-forward application that deploys your Laravel and PHP applications with zero downtime. If a deployment fails, no big deal! Your application will stay chugging along and your users will be unaffected. Give it a shot!